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Here are some Fielding stories and accounts over the years:

Fieldings at Monks Kirby

St. Edith's at Monks Kirby in Warwickshire was formerly a priory church and was built to a huge scale.  The aisled nave and chancel form one vessel with no structural division - all built of rich red sandstone except for the later upper part of the tower, giving it a distinctive two-toned red and white look.

The mid-16th century Fielding tombs are in its north east corner.  Sir William Fielding was buried in the chancel of the church under a raised tomb - whereon lies the effigies of a knight in armor, with his wife by him, both at full length, with a lion at their feet, and this inscription:

“Here lyeth the body of Sir William Fielding, knight, late of PaddoxNewnham, who deceased the 24th day of September 1547; and of Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Poultney, who deceased the 8th day of September 1539, who had issue two sons and one daughter."

The Royalist William Feilding

William Feilding’s fighting on behalf of the Royalist cause was valorous but unsuccessful.

He attended Prince Charles on the Spanish adventure, served as Admiral in the unsuccessful Cadiz Expedition in 1625, and commanded the disastrous attempt upon Rochelle in 1628.

On the outbreak of the Civil War, he served under Prince Rupert.  However, in 1643, during Rupert’s attack on Birmingham, he was wounded and died from the effects on his wounds.  His courage, unselfishness and devotion to duty at the time were much praised by the Earl of Clarendon.

Daniel Fielding & Sons

Daniel Fielding was baptized at Ogden near Halifax in 1827.  His father died soon after and his mother remarried.  He became a farmer and a brewer.  His early brewing attempts through Hainsworth & Fielding failed in 1855 and he later set up his own brewing company Daniel Fielding & Sons.  The White Castle brewery was built at Bradshaw on the outskirts of Halifax.  On Daniel’s death in 1892, the running of the brewery passed to his two sons Eli and Samuel. 

Fielding’s fine Bradshaw beers and naturally conditioned White Castle bottled ales continued to be produced at the brewery until 1961.

Fieldings in the 1881 Census

Numbers (000)

The largest numbers at that time were in Oldham and Blackburn.

Ambrose Fielding's House in Virginia

Ambrose Fielding’s house in Virginia had the following:
  • a “great room” containing “a dining table, a serving table, another small table, fourteen rush-bottom chairs, two chests, a cupboard, a bottle case and bottles, some linen, earthenware, glassware, pewter, two brass candlesticks, a silver bowl, and a silver tankard." 
  • in one chamber there was ”a ‘great bed with damask canopy, curtains, silk counterpane, feather mattress, and blankets; two chairs, a chest, a pewter basin and ewer, a looking glass, a warming pan, and a brass candlestick.”
  • in the parlor there were “two tables, twelve chairs, a couch, a cupboard, several books, a Turkey carpet, a pair of silver candlesticks, and four family portraits.”
It would seem that, after a spartan beginning, Virginia planters such as Ambrose Fielding did all right.

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