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The root of Hendrick is the German personal name Heim-ric meaning “home rule,” which later appeared as Henrich or Heinrich.  An early example of it as a surname was Genetiy de Heinrich recorded in Fritzlar in northern Hesse in 1335.  Hendriks and Hendrickson are Flemish variations of the surname; while the Hendrix variation has been found mainly in Belgium. 

Hendricks, Hendrick and Hendrix have been the most common spellings of the surname in America.

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The name Hendricks, or variations thereof, was mainly found in western Germany and in Holland and Flemish Belgium.  The numbers there today are approximately:
  • Germany, around 3,000 (where the spelling is principally Hendricks)
  • Holland, around 20,000 (where the spelling is principally Hendriks)
  • and Belgium, around 2,000 (where the spelling is either Hendriks or Hendrix)
Hendriks comes from the northern Dutch regions, including Amsterdam.  The Hendrix name is particularly strong in Antwerp.

.  The numbers in England have been smaller and the spelling has tended to be Hendrick.  They were to be found in Staffordshire and Lancashire.  The Henrix spelling also existed.  Thomas Henrix was listed as a marine on board HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

America.  Hendrick, perhaps reflecting English arrivals, was most numerous in Virginia, Hendricks in New York and Pennsylvania, and Hendrix in the South.  Hendricks in America can be a contraction of the Swedish Hendriksson.

New York  The Hendricks name was first brought to America by the Dutch and became a fairly common name in New York.  An early arrival was Kniertje Hendricks who married Walraven Claerhout at the Dutch Reform Church in New York in 1668.  There
were two Mohawk chieftains who at a later date became Christians and adopted the Hendrick name.  

The most notable Hendricks arrival into New York was probably the Jewish merchant Uriah Hendricks who came in 1755. The Hendricks Brothers who followed pioneered the use of copper in the US Navy.  Hendricks in Seneca, New York migrated to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.  Eli Hendrick of this family tried his hand in many things before starting the Hendrick Manufacturing Company, a perforated metal manufacturer, in Carbondale, Pennsylvania in 1876.

Pennsylvania  Hendricks in Pennsylvania may have had German origins.  Hendricks from the Rhineland were among of the first settlers in Bucks county, having arrived in Pennsylvania on the Francis and Dorothy as early as 1685.  Gerhard Hendricks signed the famous protest against human slavery that was presented to the Germantown Friends Meeting in 1688.

Tobias Hendricks, known as Squire Tobias, was an early settler in the 1720’s in Lancaster county when it was still frontier territory.  His son Tobias ran Toby's Place, an inn on the Cumberland Trail and a meeting place for Indian traders, travelers and the like.

  A Hendricks family became one of the most prominent families of Indiana in the 19th century.  DNA analysis has suggested that these Hendricks were related to Daniel Hendrick of Haverhill, Massachusetts, an early arrival in 1642 from England.  These Hendricks were pioneer settlers in the Ligonier valley in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. 

William Hendricks moved to what was then Indiana territory in 1813.  He served as the third Governor of the state in 1822 and its Senator from 1825 to 1837.  Both his sons were killed in the Civil War.  But his nephew Thomas was also Governor of Indiana and briefly in 1885 US Vice President.

Ohio.  Hendricks of German stock were to be found in Champaign county, Ohio by the 1820’s.  Ross Hendricks, born there in 1866, migrated to Chicago (where he changed his name to Hendrix) and worked in a traveling vaudeville troupe until it broke up on the West Coast in 1912.  He and his wife Nora then settled in Vancouver.  There is no absolute proof that they were the grandparents of the singer Jimi Hendrix, but it is thought likely.

South Carolina  Various Hendricks were to be found in South Carolina by the early 1700’s.  The best known of these Hendricks came to Pickens county from Virginia in 1784, after having fought in the Revolutionary War.  Matthew Hendricks, born there in 1842, fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War and lived onto 1944 when he was considered one of the patriarchs of his community.

  Gustavus Hendrick who came to Georgia from Virginia as an infant in 1795 was one of the state’s most successful early politicians.  He was married for 71 years and lived to be 90.  His son John was a prominent member of the white slave-owning elite of Covington in the decade prior to the Civil War.  He like some others of his class had both white and black descendants. 

The spelling in Georgia tended more to be more Hendrix than Hendrick or Hendricks.  Absalom Hendrix came to Cherokee county, Georgia from Pickens county, South Carolina in the late 1830’s.  The Hendrix plantation owners in Bulloch county, Georgia were from North Carolina and were probably descended from the Haverhill Hendrick line.

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Uriah Hendricks was the Jewish merchant who started the family’s copper business in New York in 1764. 
William Hendricks
was the founder of the Hendricks political dynasty in Indiana in the early 19th century.
Jimi Hendrix was an American musician, singer and songwriter, widely considered one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music.

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  • 1,000 in the UK (most numerous in London)
  • 29,000 in America (most numerous in Texas) 
  • 6,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Canada)

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